Rules and recommendations

The GOLDEN LION Salon is a special world where there are its own rules of etiquette. There is always an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. In order for a visit to our spa to bring you great pleasure and leave only pleasant memories, we ask you to familiarize yourself with them. For us, the quality of the services offered and your comfortable condition are the main values
  • Recording a session
    We recommend that you make an appointment in advance to choose a convenient time for you. If you have a preference in choosing a wizard, please inform the administrator about it
  • Cancellation and replacement of the reservation
    If for any reason you cannot visit our salon at the booked time, we ask you to cancel or change the time of your visit at least 24 hours in advance so that other guests have the opportunity to use this time
  • Preparation for the procedure
    Arriving 15 minutes before the start of the procedure, you get the opportunity to prepare for the procedure without haste and relax before it
  • Harmony and silence
    To maintain a special atmosphere, we ask you not to use mobile phones and turn off their sound. Loud conversations are not welcome in the Salon
  • We will provide everything you need
    Our salon provides you with everything you need for complete relaxation – a hot shower, towels, special clothes for the ritual, slippers and other accessories
  • Contraindications and recommendations
    Before the session, be sure to read the list of contraindications, read the recommendations
  • Behavior with staff
    Our salon does not provide intimate services. In case of inappropriate behavior by the guest, the master has the right to terminate the procedure. The salon administration reserves the right to refuse to provide services in the future
  • Certificates and promotions
    If you use a gift certificate or are a participant in discount promotions, please inform the administrator during the recording and immediately before the session
Warn about being late

If for any reason you are late for the start of the session, we ask you to contact us by phone. Unfortunately, your delay may lead to a reduction in the time of the procedure, as any change in the schedule of the masters may negatively affect our other guests. During discount promotions in the salon after 23:00, discounts do not apply. In case of an increase in the working time of the salon at the request of the client after 23:00, the cost of rituals from our entire SPA menu increases by 10%
The GOLDEN LION salons have created truly ideal conditions for the restoration of physical and mental strength, the prolongation of youth and beauty. Professional craftsmen from Thailand will help to get rid of fatigue and overwork, get a charge of vivacity and energy, restore harmony of the body and soul. To make your stay as comfortable as possible, there are several recommendations for our Guests
  • If you have chronic diseases, we recommend that you consult with your doctor before visiting the salon
  • Always report any ailments to the administrator before the session starts and after it ends
  • Minor painful sensations during some procedures are normal, however, they should not be too strong. If something bothers you, let the Master know
  • Ethics occupies an important place in the conduct of Thai rituals. There should be an atmosphere of goodwill and trust between the Guest and the Master
  • The evaluation of the spa service received by tipping is a special tradition in Thailand. In our salon it remains at the discretion of the Guest. We welcome the desire of our Guests to leave a tip, but only if you really liked everything
Thai rituals are a unique opportunity to restore muscle tone, improve trophism and blood supply to muscles, prevent their fibrotic degeneration, get rid of painful muscle trigger zones, restore elasticity and mobility of muscles, ligaments, joints, spine. Thai rituals are an integral system of healing the whole body. However, not everyone can afford such a procedure, there are some contraindications. Such procedures are not recommended in the following cases
  • Heart diseases, serious vascular diseases, acute renal failure
  • Fungal, viral and bacterial skin diseases, allergic conditions with skin manifestations
  • Osteoporosis, recent surgeries and fractures, the presence of prostheses, significant shifts of the vertebral discs
  • Hypertensive, hypotonic and cerebral crises
  • Acute infectious diseases, HIV infection
  • State of intoxication (alcohol intoxication, hangover, poisoning)
  • Oncological diseases, the period after chemotherapy and radiation therapy
  • Blood diseases, bleeding of various etiologies or a tendency to them
  • Gastrointestinal diseases in the acute stage
  • Severe mental and neurological diseases
  • Chronic diseases in the acute stage, acute pain syndrome
  • Pregnancy, postpartum period
  • On an empty or full stomach (2 hours should pass after eating)
  • The ritual with herbal pouches is contraindicated in diabetes mellitus
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